Green Leafy vegetables

Green Leafy vegetables

Green Leafy vegetables

Healthy food is an important item of the energy and activity.

Studies have shown that the leafy vegetables include vitamins and minerals that help to support body.

It is also help for losing weight because it gives the feeling of fill , in addition it can lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

It also help to limit of  the sugar by slow down the melting of carbohydrates into the blood after meals

that help to reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The leafy vegetables include a lot of water, which  helps to make the skin bright and gives freshness to the hair .

There are some vegetables rich in calcium which helps to get strong teeth and bones.

In addition it has potassium which keep the level of blood pressure.

Vegetables include beta-carotene which causes of the increasing and renewed body tissues.

Beta-carotene support the protection the skin from the sun.

On the other hand, leafy vegetables are an excellent source of folic acid, which can reduce the danger of heart disease, blood vessels, and loss of memory.

Finally ,It also help to make the serotonin, which may prevent from depression and help to improve mood.


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